Hello. My name is Ricardo Sous and I really want to go to DLD
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Who is this guy?
My name is Ricardo Sousa and I'm a young entrepreneur and consultant based out of sunny Portugal. Currently I'm the CEO of ColorElephant - a company I've co-founded - and the curator and producer of SWITCH Conference, the conference I've founded back in 2009 and that is now one of the top tech events in Europe. Focusing on a growing passion my main project now is the Movement for Change in Education - a movement of people worldwide committed on changing education. I'm a speaker on the themes of education and empowering youth (young entrepreneurship) - having spoke in front of audiences of thousands from LeWeb in Paris to TEDxAthens in Athens and in countless companies and organisations. My work and speaking endeavours got me quoted and featured in international publications such as The Economist, France 24, TV Tokyo, RTP and many more. I love the people in my life, learning, meeting new people, getting amazed, travelling and figuring out solutions for otherwise unsolvable problems.

Some companies I've worked with:
Companies I've worked with: SOFITEL, MICROSOFT, Evernote Wooga Eventbrite
What am I doing?
SWITCH COnference

Started as an high school project, SWITCH Conference is now the leading conference for innovators and entrepreneurs in Portugal and one of the top tech conferences in Europe, according to WIRED. Every year we gather savvy entrepreneurs, technologists and doers with an interesting and eager audience.
Movement for Change in Education

Born to be a long-term initiative, the Movement for Change in Education is a project that aims to gather educators, students, parents, governments and everyone interested in order to raise awareness and organise initiatives to change the current education model so that it better prepares our students for tomorrow.

ColorElephant is the fine mix between a consulting studio - working with leading brands to solve their specific problems within the marketing, design and development areas - and a startup creating some products soon to be launched. We apply every lesson we learn with our projects to our clients problems.
why go to DLD?
It always have been a dream of mine to attend DLD. For many reasons it never felt like the appropriate time to ask for that opportunity. Now is the time.

DLD's motto is, on your own words, Connect the Unexpected. For me that is the precise reason why I'd love to attend. My biggest dream and ambition is to disrupt education. A dream this size isn't going to happen without connecting a lot of people around the idea. Gathering investors, leaders, influencers, creatives and all sorts of tech-savvy people in one place, DLD is the perfect event to make it happen. This project is now on a critical phase. This push will make all the thinking, effort and money I've put into it worth - not to speak about the number of lives it has the potential of changing if it infuences the way we prepare our children.

I also honestly believe that my experience, talking to hundreds of students, teachers and other education influencers as well as of organising an event with an international scale out of an high school project and bootstrapping my own company can give a positive contribute to other attendees. In all honesty I'm not the most influential, richer or even smarter attendee you'll get. But I'm certainly the most motivated and will use the opportunity to take and give back to the event in every way I can.

Please note: I'm a guest writer on the biggest portuguese tech blog and on the 2nd biggest portuguese tech and business magazines, and I'm happy to cover DLD on all if I'm given the opportunity.
You are right?
Over the past years I've been fortunate enough to work with leading companies worldwide, helping them in all sorts of ways to get better results and/or improve internal flows.
With that, as with almost everything in my life, I always have to set a goal. I've bootstrapped and covered losses on the first two editions of my conference SWITCH - both because I felt we needed an event with a lower price tag that allowed many entrepreneurs in Portugal to meet influencers and because I was never ready to compromise the values we set for the event for a bunch of euros.

During the last two years, though, I've been driving all my effort and earned money towards making the Movement for Change in Education happen. Although we're about to launch publicly there's a lot of work behind the scenes on understand the education market and preparing our initiatives that has already been done.

I'm thankful to all the companies, people and events that allowed me in some way or another to continue making possible this dream and hope DLD can represent the next step.
money bill
Movement for change in Education
Throughout my education path I've felt first hand the struggles and limitations of the current education model. It was, however, when the first SWITCH Conference was about to get canceled by the school director that I felt the need to do something about it.

The Movement for Change in Education was born and is soon going to be launched as a platform for teachers, parents, directors, students and whoever might be interested in the future challenges of our schools to meet, organise, share knowledge and work together towards changing the current education practices. We reward that effort with parter offers - gamifyng the experience of chaging education.

Our goals are raising awareness for the need to change education, provide people with the tools to connect, share knowledge, resources and ideas (rewarding them for steps towards the common goal) and lead programs focused on bringing technology into the classroom in a meaningful way. We believe our approach and method is both unique and much needed.
We believe teachers have a critical role in the process of educating our students and allowing them to both discover themselves and the world around them.
Critical Knowledge
We strongly believe on a solid knowledge base for students despite their career goals. Every student should have good base knowledge on math, languages, science, history and how society works.
Not every student is the same. For us that is paramount. Students should be allowed to find their own path, decide what they want to be in life and explore knowledge in the areas they love.
Hardware + KnowHow
We don't believe in hardware without know how. Both students and teachers need to realise and learn how to take full advantage of technology for educational purposes. Hardware only is not enough.
Sharing is Key
We feel students need to share experiences and knowledge with each other, with teachers and with others students worldwide. Internet enables that. Only that way we have fully prepared global kids.
Building Entrepreneurs
We need more entrepreneurial students. We need people with entrepreneurial mindset. Not just by creating companies, but by proactively finding solutions for everyday (school or not) problems. Those are tomorrow's changemakers.
University as a choice
Not everyone needs to end up in university with some sort of degree. Or at least not the same degree. We believe students should choose their path and get expertise wherever they find it: university or not.
We are more than a CV
No one is limited by their CV. Our ability to prepare students to be much more than what is on their CV's is the key for our collective success. Personality, soft skills, areas of interest and hobbies are as interesting.
Lets talk?
Thanks for taking the time to go through this message. I really want to go to DLD and think I can provide value to other fellow attendees as well as use the DLD platform to jumpstart important projects. Now it's up to you. If you feel it is worth to discuss further, please feel free to reach out and talk to me. I'm available in any of the channels below.
mail@ricardosousa.me or +351 916743868